Stoic Decay

pictures / projects by gElm / Lem de Grosnpreg

In a Spiral Galaxy

The Unstructured Table

For twenty years the land, caught by the keeper, devolved into a hypothetical utopian state. One could not look forward to the time, nor to the place where the mysterious cup of sorrow might properly be accessed in the orchard of the sacred garden.

The Canyon Hotel

It had been abandoned for years. And yet every night one single window would glow with light. The wise avoided this place even during the day. The bridge nearby was a popular spot for those seeking to kill themselves. Oddly enough, not by leaping to their deaths, but by taking sleeping pills and leaning against the railings on the eastern side so they faced the setting sun.

In the Purple Room

The panel lights would never illuminate the darkness within her cowl.

The Blue Man Sleeps

Were his dreams full of hope or despair?

The Fourth Man

His face was always indistinct. All angles gave a different view. Shapes overlaying shapes. Gauzy distortions in time and space.

Lunar Beast

They watched as the creature shuffled around the room.