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Grand Theft Auto 5: Pictures

Mount Josiah Panorama

A crudely stitched together (180 degree) panorama of five snapmatic photos I took from Mount Josiah looking out over the Alamo Sea. The sheer visual beauty of Grand Theft Auto V can at times have you rubbing at your eyes in disbelief.

Hawick Building, Spanish Ave.

A six photo panorama.

Trevor Standing across the Street from Hotel Wisdahl

An aged and filtered 140° vertical FOV panorama. Location: Elgin Ave, Pillbox Hill.

From a Davis Rooftop

The Palomino Freeway

The snapmatic photos for this panorama were taken right before the ones that were used to make this stereoscopic 3D photo of an Albany Roosevelt at the same location.

From the Roof of a Car on Spanish Ave.

Vinewood Sunrise

Chop and a Roosevelt

Michael on Marathon Ave.

Franklin on Eclipse Blvd.

Grand Overlook

Eight snapmatic photos were used on this one.

Rooftop View of Los Santos