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Portraits of Fictional People

Elf Queen

Based on M John Harrison's brutally funny Elf Land posts (mostly the first one). I'm obscuring the point by illustrating them literally, but they're just too delicious.

Frank (in trouble)

Jim Woodring is one of a small handful of cartoonists whose work will give you interesting dreams.

Cochlea & Eustachia

Hans Rickheit is another.


"Ten years ago I looked up and saw a layer of fluid ice, the exact blue of the chemicals in a cold pack, trapped between two layers of air..." - i've left you my kettle & some money • M. John Harrison


Attempting to illustrate someone or something from Peake's work is like swimming beneath the sea and trying to splash water on a magnificent fish that obviously does not require your attentions.

Countess of Groan as a Young Woman

She remains one of my favorite characters in the Gormenghast books. The last time I read them I remember thinking: "I wonder what she was like when she was twenty-five, when she was simply Gertrude and not as shackled by ritual and expectation."


From the delightfully inventive, if slightly repetitive, One Piece.

Sam Lowry

Terry Gilliam: "The fears of BRAZIL are not so much that the world is spinning out of control because of the system, because the system is us. What BRAZIL is really about is that the system isn't great leaders, great machinating people controlling it all. It's each person performing their job as one little cog in this thing and Sam chooses to stay a little cog and ultimately he pays the price for that."

Keket Watched by the Eye of Beksinski