Stoic Decay

pictures / projects by gElm / Lem de Grosnpreg

Lem de Grosnpreg - part 24

Alaskan Landscape

Low Horizon

The clouds control the sky.

Abstract Hill


Looking beyond the frame.

Gold Overlay

Clouds and dust.

An Odd Building

Attempting to push my landscapes into more surreal places.


Blue and peach landscape.

Abstract Symmetry

Slightly reminiscent of HR Giger.


Abstract Shore

The sky, waves, and sand layered into tiers.

Moon and Stars

Of course the stars are out of place.

Light Dome

The house of the future.

Smiling Moon

Grinning enigmatically in the night sky.


River and Light

Sunlight reflecting off water.

Blue Light

A ghostly occurrence at the doorway of a store at night.

Light Dots

An experiment with sunlight through purple trees.


A street with overlays of abstraction.


Sloppy, very sloppy.

Abstract Rose

Cutout Overlay

Digital papercraft collage.

Snow Swirl

The Ice King's Lair.

Fire by River

I missed a chance at surrealism with this picture.

Halloween Abstract


Somewhat heavenly in a secluded way.

Pink Sky

Fort Bragg, California.

Bridge Over Water

The building does not belong.


A weary Boris Karloff sits in the make-up chair looking in the mirror.

Gel Abstract

An experiment.


Landscape in pastel colors.

Monochrome Moon

And a fading swirl of light.

Noble Forest

With out of place cherry blossoms in the top left corner.


Monet vs. Turner.

The End of Day

Watching from balcony and cliff as the sun sets.


Clouds cover a mountain peak near sunset.


Line and stippling.

Organic Computers

The process of generating power through rotating hues.

The Green Glow

At night a car passes a house lit by an eerie light.