Stoic Decay

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Lem de Grosnpreg - part 23


Frost and northern light.

Sunset Drawing

I used to make pictures like this a long time ago, and have recently started making them again.

Swirling Ghosts

An early purple Halloween.

Lavender Blue

Near twilight in a forest, staring up at the sky.

Two Panels

Looking away from sad truths.

Under the Moon

A red door glows.

Miasmatic Eye

Melancholic thoughts bring tears.


Sketching sadness.

Light Bridge

A Lovecraftian doorway opens.

Rough Face

Weak shades of cubism.

Lavender Clouds

Peaceful Landscape.

Animated Waves

With apologies to Hokusai.

Horn Wolf

Strange creatures of forgotten myths.

Purple Foliage

A tree apart.

Alaskan Road

Landscape put through undue stress.

Face Patterns

Folding through shapes.


Recumbent curls.


Moonlight over rust-colored lawn.

Phantasmagoric Alien

Diaphanous shapes and tendrils.


A colorful miasma.


Landscape in purple and blue.


An abstract color test of cathedral doors.


A symmetrical throne room on a distant planet.

The Last Rays of Sunlight

Stark black and white landscape.

Eyes Looking to the Side

From my faces series.

Red Sunset

A rough animation of a day ending.

Cave of Eyes

A slightly lovecraftian illustration.


Eyes (and tentacles) in the storm.

Candy Corn

Have you ever wondered where it comes from?

Snake Cloud

Black and white line drawing.


An overlay of golden sepia light.

Cabin Jump

Animated photo manipulation.


An experiment.

River's Edge

It frolicked and danced, eating leaves from a tree, its jovial form reflecting on the water.


Out, damned spot!

Hatch Root

Abstract shapes.

Blue Face

Fading into the mist.

Clown Rabbit

In his hands he held the wind. He did this for comical effect. At least his audience believed that to be so.

Cartoon Rat

Waving his arms in warning, standing before a gloomy landscape.

Hand Spirals

An experiment with paper and brush colors.

Homage to Edvard Munch's The Scream

Using pastel colors instead of gravid red and orange.


A blue feeling reflected in water at night.

String Kaleidoscope

Circuits and stars forming patterns and theories.

Pale Sun in Purple Fog

This was made after watching Hedgehog in the Fog, the absolutely amazing animated short film by Yuri Norstein.

Ghostly Abstract

Grungy strokes over an eye, beneath a vertical flounder that glows with light. A slight face impressed in its side.

Digital Ink Brush

Standing figure.

Empty Frames Forming a Face

Pattern recognition.

Subway Glow

Reaching for the light with a fist prepared.

Bird's Nest in Branches

A windy day in the forest.

The Unrivaled Viscountess

The room in which she greeted guests was full of shifting shadows.