Stoic Decay

pictures / projects by gElm / Lem de Grosnpreg

Portraits, Ordinary and Strange


"When I was young there were more trees."


"Many diverse chambers shoot right through the church. As a precaution I dwelt in the darkest of these vaults. This step obscured my death."

Cochlea (& Eustachia)



"It followed us."

Cochlea & Eustachia © Hans Rickheit


The dread of archers and tender men, forced her always to the forest where the sunlight was dappled and rarely warm. Still, she sought normalcy, or rather what she perceived as normal, craving the golden tan of the women in the magazines she sometimes found left behind at abandoned campsites where the canopy was less dense and less secure.


"I was known in all the little bistros around Santa Monica for being able to touch my nose with the tip of my tongue."


"There is nothing I love more than light reflected off moving water onto the undersides of trees."

(Future) gElm

Based on a photo, taken after I lost a couple of my front teeth, where I attempted to hide my dental black holes by smiling with my mouth closed. The result was a hideous smugness I tried hard to convince myself was false to my character.


"It is a constant of history, the wealthier the man the more likely it is he will be found swimming in his own private pool when people are dying of thirst."


"I most often find myself running. God blessed me with quick feet." [signed not spoken]


"After they took me up in their ship, nothing was the same."


"The alchemists understood a portion of the multitude. There flaw was in their observations, not their goal."

Lois Griffin

"My husband will some day accidentally kill me or one of our children."

Mitt Romney

"If I could I would drown all the poor in a deluge, a great flood, every last one of them. Until that dream becomes feasible, I practice by drowning stray cats and dogs in my bathtub. Ann and the boys help me as well. It's become a real family tradition that we all cherish. It has ingrained in my sons the attribute that is most important in the corporate world: Heartlessness."


"The ocean can always be counted on to calm me."

Oded Gershon

"An unfortunate accident. She did not distance herself as a reasonable person would have done."

Paul Ryan

"I wholeheartedly agree with Mitt on how we should deal with the lazy poor. I would also add fire and poison into the mix."


"Never trust an author. Authors are a multitude of actors. Actors mimic humans. And all humans are liars."

Richard Cheney

"I shot that guy in the face on purpose. He owed me five dollars."


"I thought it was a wart. The doctors told me it wasn't. They don't know what it is."


"The train never stops for me."


"There are crests that doth bear pleasant fruit."

Vladimir Putin

"I like killing journalists."

Westenra, Lucy

"Arthur! Oh, my love, I am so glad you have come! Kiss me!"


"Remember that time I dropped my hand beneath the restaurant table and touched what I thought was a dried up piece of chewing gum."


"I strangled the Royal Historian."