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Superheroes, Known and Unknown

With Super-villains & Sidekicks Too

Batman vs. the Truth

"I did it all for death. But none of them could kill me."

Batman vs. The Corpse Witch

Madame Cortege & Big Bessie

Previous panel: The Blue Beetle tied to a chair with a ? in his mouth.


It's all relative.

Captain Dunce & Lucky

An odd comic for its day, it only lasted for three issues before constant trouble with the Comics Code Authority and very low sales led to its cancellation. Nearly every copy of the last issue was pulped. The writer and artist, C. T. Tampere later said, "I knew I was through with the industry. I wasn't going to go back to drawing dick-less non-entities doing the same three step dance eight panels a page for twenty pages over and over until I died. I was done. And I went out with a bang, middle finger extended. Hell, it only got published in the first place because I caught the publisher screwing my wife."


Two and a Half Hellboy Villains

More accurately 2 & 1/5th mystical miscreants.

Wonder Woman

Batman vs. The Dandy Caterpillar