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Video & Sound

Twilight is Falling

"It is reminiscent of the short films of Jan Svankmajer but without the hypnotic genius, skill, inventiveness, or quality." → Ned G. Pergmelsor

A few different versions can be viewed at the Internet Archive:
Ultra Widescreen Version (2002)
2006 subtitled edition
Original Cobbled Version (2001)

A couple of the above versions can also be viewed in a lower quality on YouTube and Vimeo

Colbert Report

My entry in the John McCain Green Screen Challenge: John McCain in 3D, was shown on the July 17th Colbert Report! You can watch the whole show on the Colbert Nation Website or see the original clip on my YouTube Page.

Audio Experiments

aka Odd gElm - an aborted attempt at podcasting. All files of which can be downloaded as mp3, ogg, and flac, from the Cast Off Absurdities page at the Internet Archive.

Poor Man’s Blade Runner & Loop Menu Loop & Elegy were background audio for a Macromedia Director project.

March of a Soldier into a Solitary Death of Water was the soundtrack for a short animated film that I abandoned in the early stages. For an idea of what the visuals might have looked like imagine the following: A soldier, scarred, prosthetic ridden, among twisted glass and metal. Fires across a ravaged cityscape. A heavy, dark, nighttime sky with mortars and bombs whistling down from everywhere. The soldier marching deliberately forward, uncaring and weary, into a cathedral-like warehouse perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea. Memories of birds and grass and the sky. An explosion and shattering glass. Remembered voices and then a single gunshot. The soldier falls at the edge of the cliff within the warehouse where the side has been blown away. Water dripping until an immense explosion sends the soldier over the side, falling into the sea. A brutal underwater machine of war passes, as rain and shrapnel and bullets pepper the water’s surface. Drifting, as huge whale-like behemoths sing, the soldier’s body sinks deeper through the darkness. Eventually the soldier’s body floats to the surface. A mortar explodes nearby sending water cascading, pushing the soldier’s body up onto the shore of a stony beach. In the distance past the soldier’s gaping, sightless face, the war goes on. From somewhere birds can be heard singing.

Harbor Escape & Re-Coiled were part of the soundtrack from sections of Twilight is Falling that were not completed.

Dark Pitch Howl was from an abandoned animation.

Kurosawa was used in the soundtrack for a later edit of Twilight is Falling.

Stykos - A Fountain World Story - sound collage. An ancient god and two hunters meet in a forest.

City of Dreadful Night - awash in dark sound - another sound collage. The beginning of James Thomson’s The City of Dreadful Night set against a dark soundscape.


Listen to me reading great stories poorly.

A full recording of The Book of Wonder by Lord Dunsany.

Other Audiobooks I’ve been a part of.