Stoic Decay

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Illustrations for Songs by The Tiger Lillies


A cop he leers at Louis as he sees him in the street
Louis he sells watches a man has got to eat

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS REFERENCE: View of Notre Dame de la Garde and harbor, Marseilles, France


Your last words you do say a victim dies today
So now you croak upon a rope tied to a hanging tree

Devil’s Child

They say the sailor was the devil in disguise
he cast a spell on the young girl
seduced her with his lies

Chicago Sunset

In the red Chicago sunset
I could smell his rotting bones

Drunken Sailor

Now he’s foaming at the mouth
He’ll bite you like a rabid dog

Luis Miller

On the portside Luis Miller Luis Miller’s losing blood
On the portside with his wallet looking for a little love

By the Shore

In tatoo parlours by the shore they do anchors by the score…
In massage parlours by the shore they do sailors by the score…
In funeral parlours by the shore business is rarely poor

Captain Bligh

Moral given never learnt
If you hate you’ll be burnt


The death carts visit, visit your house today


On the portside whores are singing while the rubbers
they are flinging of a night of fornicating
with sailors far away

Jackies Bar

The whores they sit in jackies legs on table tops
Showing of their wares to anyone who’ll stop

King Neptune

Old Johnny he’s seen mermaids when he run aground
They carried him ashore when he was sure to drown

Skull and Crossbones

Under skull and bones to always be alone
A killer storm might break or do the gallows wait
To never see your home always you will roam
To die on some far shore worst than the lowest whore


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