Stoic Decay

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Thrice Gloomy

Slides on a Dirty Screen

Larry Bowles, a 1940’s gumshoe who took his job title too literally, at the cost of his own life.

Tex Winton, a cowboy who fatally misinterpreted the term gunslinger.

Fred was suddenly afraid, terribly afraid.

“That donkey there is four dollars,” the salesman said.

“Why so cheap?” Donald asked.

“He won’t read latin.”

Olivia just couldn’t understand why so many men were making obscene proposals to her when all she was trying to do was find a good home for Mr. Whiskers.

The 5th day of June 1956, Jon’s first day at the FBI, started with a rather large misunderstanding.

Loose lips sink more than ships.

“Don’t take any wooden nickels,” is a saying I don’t agree with. If someone offered me a wooden nickel I would take it and say, “Wow! A wooden nickel. Thanks, I’ve never seen one of these.”

Grown weary of his teeth, and having finally saved up enough money for a shiny pair of new dentures, Jimmy told Spike what he really thought of him.

A miniature finger-length version of himself stood upon the pillow holding a small stick with which to poke him in the eye. “Am I insane?” he thought. Three days later he was permanently blind in one eye.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, because one of your enemies may have trained it to go for your jugular.