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Comic Book Panels I re-imagined, some of which were on Repaneled

Mickey Mouse: Race to Death Valley - Original: Floyd Gottfredson

A little bit of Van Gogh and David Lynch made it into this one. Check out the gorgeous reprint collection by Fantagraphics.

Mr. Lonely - Original: Kaz

Thor #366 - Original: Walt Simonson

Magnus Robot Fighter #21 - Original: James Brock & Ralph Reese

Uncle Scrooge #76 - Original: Tony Strobl & Steve Steere

Bah! Life is just a thicket of thistles!

Barnum! - Original: Niko Henrichon

Auro, Lord of Jupiter - Original: Joe Doolin

Was it liquid life or liquid death, this puzzling energy fluid Jupiterian science had stumbled upon? Even Auro did not know - even the earth brain of the dead Chet Edson grafted in his skull could not fathom the bottomless mystery.

Savage Sword of Conan #63 - Original: John Buscema

Action Comics #70 - Original: Sam Citron

High over the city, a helpless girl plummets earthward as the radio signal releases a catch beneath a drifting balloon!

X’ed Out - Original: Charles Burns

Marvel Mystery Comics #88 - Original: Carl Burgos

Tom Poes - Original: Marten Toonder

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #2, vol. 1 - Original: Kevin O'Neill

... and shot the creature in the face.