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Illustrations for Philip K. Dick's Collected Stories

His Teeth Were Loose

It was not until he had almost finished washing that he noticed it. He stood for a long time, water running over his hands, staring silently down, unable to speak.

His fingernails were gone.

He looked up in the mirror, breathing quickly. Suddenly he grabbed at his hair. Handfuls of hair came out, great bunches of light brown hair. Hair and nails… → The Infinites

With apologies to Charles Burns for trying on his shoes and finding them a thousand sizes too large.

They Really Wanted Him

Later, he sat at his desk, the spray gun beside him, heavy-duty steel and copper. He touched its damp surface with his fingers.

Seven o’clock. Behind him the radio played softly. He reached over and moved the desk lamp so that it shone on the floor beside the desk. → Expendable

The Faded Eyes Fixed on Kramer

In the dark room a withered old man lay, propped up on endless pillows. At first it seemed as if he were asleep; there was no motion or sign of life. But after a time Kramer saw with a faint shock that the old man was watching them, intently, his eyes fixed on them, unmoving, unwinking. → Mr. Spaceship

Doctor Harris Searches for Corporal Westerburg

It was a warm sunny day. The sky was almost free of clouds and a gentle wind moved through the cedars along the bank of the stream. There was a path leading from the hospital building down the slope to the stream. At the stream a small bridge led over to the other side, and a few patients were standing on the bridge, wrapped in their bathrobes, looking aimlessly down at the water. → Piper in the Woods

Taken Aboard

The wub stood sagging, its great body settling slowly. → Beyond Lies the Wub

Professor Hardy & Professor Grote

"Start hopping, my dear frog," he said. "Hop for all you're worth." → The Indefatigable Frog

The Stravinsky Bird

It was a clear cold day. The sunny Los Angeles sky was almost cloud-free. Beyond Labyrinth's modest house a gently undulating expanse of green stretched off until it reached the mountains—a small forest that gave the illusion of wilderness within the very limits of the city. → The Preserving Machine

He Stared Up Anxiously at the Darkened Windows

Out in front the Roogs stopped their truck. He could hear them opening the doors stepping down onto the sidewalk. Boris ran around in a little circle. He whined and his muzzle turned once again toward the house. → Roog

"What have you got there, sir?"

The side exit let him out on one of the larger underground streets, which was a riot of lights and passing vehicles. He located his direction, and began to search for a communications car to take him home… → Stability

A Strange Hunger in Her Eyes

There had been a lot of that at first, in the early days before the transfer to undersurface was complete. There had been a lot, and it hadn't been very difficult to come across it.

Taylor looked up at his wife. She was thinking too much about it, the last few months. They all were. → The Defenders

Stark and Immense it Pointed Up at the Sky

There was not much left. The huge concrete piers which they had noticed were not piers at all, but the ruined foundations of buildings. They had been baked by the searing heat, baked and charred almost to the ground. Nothing else remained, only this irregular circle of white squares, perhaps four miles in diameter. […] They walked into the city between the ruined buildings. No one spoke. They walked in silence, listening to the echo of their footsteps. → The Gun

PKD speculating on the only kind of alien contact the human race will most likely ever have.

"You are to call me - My Lord."

It was a brightly painted soldier with helmet and gun, standing at attention. → The Little Movement

A Small Chamber with Dark Panels of Old Wood

The Speaker moved to one side. "Look," he said. He drew a sliding wall away, showing a dark square hole. "In there."

Conger squatted down, staring in. He frowned. "A skull! A skeleton!"

"The man you are after has been dead for two centuries," the Speaker said. "This is all that remains of him. And this is all you have with which to find him." → The Skull


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