Stoic Decay

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The Odd Email Correspondence

From Ned G. Pergmelsor

In Other Words or Obvious

Interesting, try this: Find and replace “the Court” with “the Universe” in the last few sentences of Chapter Nine of Kafka’s The Trial.

“That means I belong to the Universe,” said the priest. “So why should I want anything from you? The Universe wants nothing from you. It receives you when you come and it dismisses you when you go.”


Sounds pretty tame. But think about it. A cowboy alone on the prairie with a lot of cows. He’s poking them somewhere. What is he poking them with? Cowpoke is really just a nicer way of calling someone a cow-fucker.


L. pointed this out to me the other day. The last picture in this post by M. John Harrison, contains an object that seems to be one of Jim Woodring’s jivas that was torn from the world of Frank into the real(?) world where it collapsed in the grass and ossified, soft round curves desiccated & bleached of color.

Theater 1, Misanthropy 0

Last November while attending a showing of Fantastic Mr. Fox, at the point in the film where flaming pine-cones shoot from the sewer at a gaggle of gun-toting homo sapiens, I stood, pumped my fist in the air, and screamed: “YES! YES! KILL THEM ALL! KILL ALL THE FUCKING HUMANS! KILL THEM ALL! KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! WIPE US FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH!”

Realizing where I was, regaining my composure, I looked around, rubbing spittle from my mouth and chin. Every head I saw was turned my direction, faces angry. A man thrust out his arm, making a threatening gesture. A woman with big meaty hands pushed from her seat and came at me from along the aisle saying: How dare you, How dare you. I took to my heels, fleeing by way of the fire exit.

I just finished watching the film in its entirety while safe in the confines of my own home. Not one human dies. Not one. That Wes Anderson is a fucking pussy.

Villainous Shades

Hold up a mirror. On which side of the glass is Alain Resnais’ Last Year at Marienbad? On which side Peace by Gene Wolfe?


There is no human action or endeavor that in the end is not buffoonery.


It has been my experience in prosperous nations that the so-called unwashed masses are rather clean and well groomed, their hair studiously labored over like immaculate wigs covering skull-shaped buckets of shit.

From Meg Spender-Lorg

A Gaping Hole

Like a prison in winter, split in half by a brick wall. An inevitable precursor: small yards growing smaller in the distance. The possibility of Spring dims every year.

Hijacking Meaning

Four still photographs capturing that endangered (at present nearly non-existent) cinematic creature: the moment of time after the actor/s exit the stage - before the scene changes.

From Don Spermlegger


All I see are patterns replicating.


But what do I know, I was born in a gutter and I’ll die in a lab.


You may not be able to fight city hall, but you can defecate in your hand and throw your feces at its windows


There’s nothing like a red herring to make your balls itch and your mouth water.


The relationship a gun has with murder/self-defense is the same relationship a penis has with urination/ejaculation.


This is false: A rabbit can always be counted on to not know the difference between a carrot and an orange.