Stoic Decay

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Illustrations for John Collier's Fancies and Goodnights

Agreeable Pastimes

There were the arches, pillars, marbles, hangings, etc. of the most exquisite palace imaginable, and wherever he looked he saw a tiger-skin, and on every tiger-skin there reclined a young woman of surpassing beauty who was certainly not vulgarly over-dressed. → Bottle Party

An Attentive Ear

He had those huge and clumsy hands which can be an asset to a doctor in a small upstate town where people still retain a rural relish for paradox, thinking that the more apelike the paw, the more precise it can be in the delicate business of a tonsillectomy. → De Mortuis

They Send For the Others

How can I describe the dark inhuman creatures that passed me, silent as shadows? → Evening Primrose

Foiral and the Madman

"I like the black clothes all you people wear. Spanish touch again, I suppose? It makes you look like holes in the light." → Witchs Money

A Revealing Outburst

He had one of those skull-like faces on which the skin seems stretched painfully tight. → The Touch of Nutmeg Makes It

Good Egg, Bad Egg

"Ella," said he, "I notice that you have given me the white egg, and retained the brown one for yourself." → Three Bears Cottage