Stoic Decay

pictures / projects by gElm / Lem de Grosnpreg

Some Illustrations from 2009-2011

Chaotic I

The confidence enjoyed by the philosopher is a thorn in the side of the king. → Witless and Unwise: The Quotable Don Spermlegger


A man said to be without a heart is lucky indeed; if described so metaphorically then he feels no pain or joy; if literally then he is dead. → Ned G. Pergmelsor • The Destruction of the Half-Blind Sparrow


A Big Mouthful


Too many elves spoil the soup for everyone. → Meg Spender-Lorg • Criticisms and Corrections

Nose or Boat?

Sail boat or Charles Dickens’ nose?

Supplicant Gargoyle

All dreams begin with an eyelid. → Witless and Unwise: The Quotable Don Spermlegger


Adult Cat/Man in Bonnet

Odd Hybrids

An Attempted Moebius

Odilon Redon Watercolor Mimicry

Female cyclops with prominent overbite.

Maakies Bootleg

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