Stoic Decay

pictures / projects by gElm / Lem de Grosnpreg

Some Illustrations from 2006-2008

Portrait I

I own a gun
instead of bullets
it shoots cum
and while it rarely misses
I have no sons
because there are blanks in every load.
the poem punk rocker Jonnee Kill recited during a paternity suit

Herriman vs Woodring


The Courtyard

Violence is dependent on a structure of peace to give it form. Without that opposing structure: violence is peace. → Don Spermlegger • The Academic Semantic

Portrait II

In all, more than twenty thousand films were examined. In the majority of these the patients were seen both before and after dental procedures were carried out, and the effect upon the patient’s general health could be observed. → The Dental Cosmos, Volume 61

Edge… Fall Soon

Purring an Island Earthquake

Unseen But Mysteriously Miserable

Long before it began to rain his hatless forehead was wet. → Methodist magazine and review, Volume 59

That Fouls Nought the Vessel

A Failed Test

A Poor Man’s Hiroshige

A Lazy Crosshatch

Familiarity breeds contempt. → Publius Syrus

Mythical Pornography I

Gorgon’s Delight

Thank You Dr. S.

Men are only great as they are kind. → Elbert Hubbard

The Gardens Wrongly

Though the Garden of thy Life be wholly waste, the sweet flowers withered, the fruit-trees barren, over its wall hang ever the rich dark clusters of the Vine of Death, within easy reach of thy hand, which may pluck of them when it will. → James Thomson • The City of Dreadful Night


Odilon Redon Sent Me a Letter

Portrait III

It had the semblance of a man, a man twisted by cruel hands and set upon the world in mockery. → Ned G. Pergmelsor • The Creature of Loch Cairn


head toy

Famagost the Sea Escaped Thee

Like twin suns the altar blazed, beneath the stars they did crave. → Roger Lenspeg M.D. • Mandeville’s Idyll

Peace on Earth

Beneath the trees,
no birds did fly,
nor in the sky,
did birds fly.
The trees were shells,
brittle bells,
that did not chime,
in an acid wind.
Roger Lenspeg M.D. • Nonsense Rhymes for the Last Age of Man

Mythical Pornography IV

“A little deeper?”
“To the depths.”


In indecision itself grief is present. (In ipsa dubitatione facinus inest.) → Cicero • De Officiis

Sarah’s Bridge on the River Anna Liffey

Ireland Illustrated

The Feathered Mile

All along the feathered mile,
the women are in sorrow.
Harm declares them,
from the sultan’s vale,
to the letting isle.
Roger Lenspeg M.D. • Nonsense Rhymes for the Last Age of Man


One, two.
No longer blue,
are the waves.
Past the coast,
a fiery hue,
the clouds do host.
Lick your lips,
your mouth is dry,
all the world’s a furnace.
Roger Lenspeg M.D. • Nonsense Rhymes for the Last Age of Man