Stoic Decay

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Illustrations for Stories by H. P. Lovecraft

Lord Northam

And when the church bells rang he would stop his ears and scream, and the grey cat that dwelt with him would howl in unison till the last peal died reverberantly away. → The Descendant

A Mangled Corpse

My friend was dying when I spoke to him, and he could not answer coherently. All he could do was to whisper, “The amulet—that damned thing—” → The Hound

Beneath the Church

The most secret mysteries were yet to be performed. → The Festival

Lifted its Head and Howled

… the face of the motorman was a mere white cone tapering to one blood-red-tentacle… → The Thing in the Moonlight

Violet Midnight Glittering with Dust of Gold

… coming home at evening to a room whose one window opened not to open fields and groves but on to a dim court where other windows stared in dull despair. → Azathoth

Uncanny Light

… but still the Pole Star leers down from the same place in the black vault, winking hideously like an insane watching eye which strives to convey some strange message, yet recalls nothing save that it once had a message to convey. → Polaris

Joe Slater: An Unfit Vessel

… an absurd appearance of harmless stupidity by the pale, sleepy blueness of his small watery eyes, the scantiness of his neglected and never-shaven growth of yellow beard… → Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Indescribable Voiceless Things

Men whose eyes were wild with fear shrieked aloud of the sight within the king’s banquet-hall, where through the windows were seen no longer the forms of Nargis-Hei and his nobles and slaves… → The Doom That Came to Sarnath

Menes' Kitten

But the villagers did not discuss such things with the old man and his wife; because of the habitual expression on the withered faces of the two, and because their cottage was so small and so darkly hidden under spreading oaks at the back of a neglected yard. → The Cats of Ulthar

Far Places

Then Kuranes walked through the Street of Pillars to the seaward wall, where gathered the traders and sailors, and strange men from the regions where the sea meets the sky. There he stayed long, gazing out over the bright harbour where the ripples sparkled beneath an unknown sun, and where rode lightly the galleys from far places over the water. → Celephais

Disintegration is Quite Painless

Indescribable shapes both alive and otherwise were mixed in disgusting disarray, and close to every known thing were whole worlds of alien, unknown entities. → From Beyond

The Greenish Moon

When we gazed around the horizon, we could not find the third tower by the river, and noticed that the silhouette of the second tower was ragged at the top. → Nyarlathotep

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS IMAGES USED: Captive balloon of Henri Giffard over Paris & Water tower at Tenleytown & Moon obscured by clouds with building in foreground

The Most Chaotic Dreams of Man

I saw that the passage was a long one, so floundered ahead rapidly in a creeping run that would have seemed horrible had any eye watched me in the blackness; crossing from side to side occasionally to feel of my surroundings and be sure the walls and rows of cases still stretched on. Man is so used to thinking visually that I almost forgot the darkness and pictured the endless corridor of wood and glass in its low-studded monotony as though I saw it. And then in a moment of indescribable emotion I did see it. → The Nameless City

The Rocky Summit

Merciful gods of earth, I am falling into the sky! → The Other Gods

A Mighty Wall Green With Antique Vines

Last night I swallowed the drug and floated dreamily into the golden valley and the shadowy groves; and when I came this time to the antique wall, I saw that the small gate of bronze was ajar. → Ex Oblivione

Coarser with Wine

Then one night the reddened and fattened Romnod snorted heavily amidst the poppied silks of his banquet-couch and died writhing, whilst Iranon, pale and slender, sang to himself in a far corner. → The Quest of Iranon

It Shone Bodiless

I could comprehend his presence despite the absence of form by a species of pictorial memory whereby his face appeared to me, golden from a strange light and frightful with its weird beauty, its anomalously youthful cheeks, its burning eyes, its Olympian brow, and its shadowing hair and growth of beard. → Hypnos

Upon that Sea the Hateful Moon Shone

And as I watched the ripples that told of the writhing of worms beneath, I felt a new chill from afar out whither the condor had flown, as if my flesh had caught a horror before my eyes had seen it. → What the Moon Brings

This very brief tale does not wallow in extraneous tacked on plot and exudes a beautiful twilit awe.

The Fourteen Biological Specimens

Existing biology would have to be wholly revised, for this thing was no product of any cell growth science knows about. → At the Mountains of Madness

Every Night She was a Little Nearer

He would be lying in the dark fighting to keep awake when a faint lambent glow would seem to shimmer around the centuried room, showing in a violet mist the convergence of angled planes which had seized his brain so insidiously. → Dreams In The Witch-House

Something Sucked His Breath at Night

Out of the fungus-ridden earth steamed up a vaporous corpse-light, yellow and diseased… → The Shunned House

An Unreliable Narrator

Warren always dominated me, and sometimes I feared him. → The Statement of Randolph Carter

Did Mr. Carter in fact kill his “friend” Harley Warren and then spin a ludicrous tale of supernatural horror as feeble smokescreen? His own words give a potential motive. Case closed?