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Comic covers I reinterpreted, some of which were on Covered

Uncanny X-Men Annual #9 - Original: Art Adams

Yummy Fur #4 - Original: Chester Brown

Amazing Spider-Man #41 - Original: John Romita

The Horns of the Rhino! Call it a flaw in my character, but Peter Parker always made me want to punch him in the face.

Acme Novelty Library #6 - Original: Chris Ware

Savage Sword of Conan #43 - Original: Bob Larkin

The Incredible Hulk #351 - Original: Jeff Purves

Why Are You Doing This? - Original: Jason

Wolverine #13 - Original: Kevin Nowlan

World’s Finest Comics #67 - Original: Win Mortimer

The following was for the Relaunched blog

Walt Disney's (CREEPY) Comics and Stories

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories relaunched as a distinctly Lovecraftian horror comic. In the first issue: "Beneath the Money Bin" - After seeing Scrooge McDuck lift a drunk vagrant into a limousine, a curious Huey, Dewey and Louie, follow and investigate. They soon discover the true source of their uncle's wealth and power. But will they survive it? (Answer: Probably not.) Backup story: "Madness Beyond the Farthest Stars" - Gyro Gearloose invents a machine that allows him to cast his mind deep into the terrifying void of the universe.

Uncle Scrooge and most of the citizens of Duckburg were created by Carl Barks.

ALTERNATE TAGLINE: Why does Scrooge McDuck secretly own all the homeless shelters in Duckburg? What is the real source of his wealth and power? (It's definitely not his "Number One Dime") Find the answers to these questions and more in the blood-soaked first issue.