Stoic Decay

pictures / projects by gElm / Lem de Grosnpreg


1. Post Alphitomancy

He dreams beside a powdered barley cake with a bite-sized crater marring its surface.

The dreams are not pleasant.

They may only be half dream and half memory.

This part conscious realization shocks him awake.

He must flee.

A whirring in his head makes him be still.

2. Ubi sum?

The spinning in his skull dissipates.

He has been in this room before.

Though he does not remember ever having entered it.

An incoherent dread hangs in the air.

The chest fills him with revulsion.

The cake brings rusted metal to his tongue.

The picture of a man killing a bull is important.

Why it is important eludes him.

He hears water dripping on metal.

3. The Cognitive Cliche





A reflection illuminates an absence.

The skin is familiar. How it came to take the shape it does - the lines and furrows - is unknown to him. His name is ?

From outside a strange sound reverberates against the glass of the window.

4. The Green Hill

The sound seduces him.

A caressing broken-rhythmed ululation that is not music.

It ebbs and flows almost at the beat of his heart.

With every step dread grows inside him.

Overshadowed by a peculiar euphoria.

He smells apples.

Apples rotting in grease.

In a graveyard.

5. Avian Love

His heart stumbles and he stops to catch his breath.

The bright sun brings tears to his eyes. His heartbeat grows more irregular.

His breathing ragged, the sound calls him onward.

The sweet/foul smell is overpowering.

As the sound builds in magnetic strength, shrill discordant notes come from the sky.

The message is clear.